Mountain Biking

In 2014, the Blackhawk Mountain Bike Program was started, with the following vision: Blackhawk will become a national model as place to introduce kids and families to mountain biking. We do this by building and maintaining a network of mountain bike trails for riders of all abilities, and providing educational programs to kids and adults. 

What type of membership is required to use the trails?  Mountain Bike memberships ($25/student, $45/single, $90/family) are available for the 12-month (annual) mountain bike season (April 1-March 31). For Winter Fat Bike-only enthusiasts, Winter Fat Bike memberships ($25/single, $50/family) are available for those who wish to use the club only during the winter "Fat Bike" season (November 1-March 31). The trails are open to Fat Bikes only when snow is present, but winter fat biking is included in the annual Mountain Bike membership.

Where can I find more information about mountain biking at Blackhawk?  For more information, visit our Facebook page or join the Blackhawk Mountain Bike Members Facebook Group. Or email us at:

How to I know if the trails are open?  Please check out the trail conditions at the CORP-sponsored website, and while you're there, please consider joining CORP to promote local trails (like Middleton Bike Park, our sister trail system) and other area programs. 

Mountain Bike Rules: Remember these five rules: ride safely, protect yourself, protect others, respect the trails, and communicate.

What are the "Bike Ambassadors?" Blackhawk mountain bike ambassadors help improve member experience, promote safe riding, and serve as the "eyes and ears" of the club during peak riding times. 

Are there Mountain Biking Lessons? Learn about our youth lessons here

What are the plans for the mountain bike program this summer?   Our plans for this year can be found here: Plans.

Mountain Bike Trail Funding: Please help us build and maintain our trails. Considering matching your membership with an equal size donation. Come out to volunteer to help maintain our trails, or join our list of Trail Supporters by making a larger donation. Learn more about how we pay for our trails here. Donate here to fund our trails.

Blackhawk's Mountain Biking HistoryRead about our mountain biking program history.

Check out more Mountain Biking and Hiking FAQs here.

Questions? Comments? Want to Volunteer? Contact our trail stewards at

Summer Trail Map


Winter Fat Bike Trail Map