Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Program Overview

Blackhawk members have access to a network of mountain bike trails for riders of all abilities.  Over the past few years, we have transformed our trails from the “old school” rocky, rutted, fall-line style to new “flow trails” that are wide, fun, fast, and sustainable!  We’re open both summer and winter, with occasional closings due to rain or icy conditions.  Any club member can use the trails.  Summer Mountain Bike memberships ($25/single, $50/family) are available for those who wish to use the club only during the mountain bike season (April-November), and Winter Fat Bike memberships ($25/single, $50/family) are available for those who wish to use the club during the winter "Fat Bike" season (December-March). 
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Mountain Biking Lessons

Blackhawk offers Youth Mountain Bike Lessons during the summer. Check out this video:
For more information, go to: Youth Programs > Mountain Bike Lessons

Trail Conditions

Please check out the trail conditions at the CORP-sponsored website - And while you're there, please consider joining CORP - to promote local trails and programs. 

Plans for Building and Improving Mountain Bike Trails in the Summer of 2020

We have plans to improve the trail the Connector Trail (make it a safer, 1-way trail), improve the existing trails in the Gully (between the East and West trails), and build a new flow trail in the Gully. More information is available at:

Mountain Bike Trail Funding

Please help us builld and maintain our trails. Considering matching your membership with an equal size donation. Come out to volunteer to help maintain our trails. Or join our list of Trail Supporters by making a larger donation. For more information ahout how we pay for our trails, see:

Mountain Biking History at Blackhawk 

Check out our mountain bikeing program history:

Questions? Comments? Want to Donate or Volunteer? 

Check out our FAQs at: Membership FAQs

Or contact our trail steward, Pat Remington, at