MLK Open Downhill Ski hours: Noon to 6
*all other programs run at normal times

Blackhawk youth raced well in large field at WI Cup race #2.  See full results here:

The Facilities / Hours of Operation page has been updated to include the Open Alpine Skiing Holiday Schedule.

Twenty degrees warmer this week for Nordic Kids!  Please tread lightly on the man-made snow, keeping mud/dirt/rocks off the snow as you help your child get skis on.

Thanks to a tremendous effort by our volunteer snowmakers, we now have significant Alpine and XC skiing available!

Please use your judgment for how your skier will do with the predicted low temps on Sunday -- and dress in plenty of layers.


Have you wondered how snowmaking works at Blackhawk? The club utilizes (4) portable snow fans and numerous fixed position lance-style snow guns ("sticks").



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