Blackhawk Bike Ambassador program

Learn about our new Bike Ambassador program, launched in 2021.

Interest and involvement in mountain biking have continued to increase at Blackhawk. Last year, we had a record number of mountain bike members—with more than 500 individual and 500 family mountain bike members. With this increased interest, we have learned that we can improve our membership experience, helping new members learn about the programs that we offer, how to navigate the trails, and the best times to ride to avoid crowds and lessons.

Therefore, this year we have started a “Bike Ambassador” program. Ambassadors (or "hosts") have become increasingly common at clubs and trails around the country, to improve member experience, answer questions about the programs and facilities, and promote safe riding.

What is a “Bike Ambassador?” A Bike Ambassador is someone who comes to the Club at a regular time each week to interact with members, answer questions, promote safe riding, and simply be the face of the club. We have over 30 people who volunteered to be Ambassadors this summer for this pilot program.

How can I find the Bike Ambassador? The Bike Ambassadors can be found wearing either a gold t-shirt that says "Bike Ambassador" or an arm band. They will spend time at each trailhead, and also riding the trails. If you see them, don't hesitate to ask them a question, or thank them for their time and talents. 

Mountain Biking