Mountain Biking FAQs

Mountain Biking and Hiking FAQs*

Q: Where can I find a map?

A: Mountain bike trail maps are available at our kiosks at the East and West Trailhead, and here on our website. Cross country ski maps are available here on our website. A map of the property and hours of operation can be found here on our website.


Q: Are guided or unguided tours of the property are available? 

A: In the summer of 2024, we will be starting our first "Club Ride" on Thursdays, at 6 PM. This is the best time to come out to ride, and/or talk with members and Ambassadors about the trails. You may also leave us a message on our Facebook page, and one of our members can meet you there to show you around. We also have kiosks there, with more information. A map of the property can be found here on our website.


Q; Should I have a Blackhawk membership card or is there an ID number I should have available?

A: We do not currently provide membership card. Instead, we ask that members keep a record of their username and the email used when signing up. 


Q: When do the gates open and close?  Is there any chance that I could get locked in? If so, who do I contact and how? 

A: For security purposes and to prevent vandalism, the gates are open during the daylight hours. The person who locks the gate will check to make sure that no cars are on the property. Once you join, you will get the gate lock combination. 


Q: Which trails are open for walking/running? 

A: We have a "Perimeter Hiking Trail" that is marked, and designated for hiking only. Hiking is permitted on some of the bike trails (e.g., green trails like the Springs Trail or Creekside), and prohibited on others (e.g., advanced, downhill flow trails). 


Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Yes, but dogs must be controlled and within sight at all times. They must be on leashes near parking areas and chalets and whenever encountering other club members using the facility. And please don't forget to pick up waste and put it in the large garbage bin near the East entrance.


Q: Where do I park?

A: If you are coming to mountain bike, you may park at the East or West Trailhead.


Q: Is there a lost and found? 

A: Yes, you can check in the East or West Chalet. If you don’t find the lost item, you can send us a message on Facebook or email us at to see if another member happened to find it. 


Q: Can have a party or gathering with non-members? 

A: Unfortunately, no. In order to use the facilities of the club, everyone who is present must be a member of the club. See questions about becoming a member for more information about how to join. 


Q: Are e-bikes allowed? If so, which types?

A: Yes, but we permit only Class 1 eBikes. These are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph. We do not permit Class 2 eBikes (those that do not require peddaling and use a throttle) and Class 3 eBikes (those that have a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph). We promote safe riding on all types of bikes (e.g., riding too fast when young riders are present).

Q: Are "One-Wheels" permitted on the trails?  

A: Yes, but they should only be used on trails where they can be ridden safely (e.g., avoid expert trails where riders might come upon somone quickly).


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