The biathlon program at Blackhawk Ski Club has grown from a small group of participants to the leader in expanding biathlon opportunities to youth and adults in Wisconsin and surrounding States. Recent events have included races, shooting and safety clinics, and helping biathlon programs get started in Green Bay, Hayward, and Iola.

The Blackhawk biathlon area is open to club members when participating in practices, introduction to biathlon sessions, or races. The 50-meter biathlon area includes lighting for evening practices and is connected to the man-made snow network of trails. Club members interested in use of the 50-meter shooting area need prior biathlon safety certification or to be involved in an organized club biathlon activity.

The use of the Blackhawk biathlon area and equipment is restricted to biathlon practice and races in the presence of an authorized Blackhawk Ski Club Range Marshal. No free shooting or non-biathlon shooting is allowed at Blackhawk Ski Club.

Become of fully authorized Blackhawk Biathlete - What do you need to do? (You are allowed to ski with the team during practices if you have not met the criteria below.)

Step 1: Join Blackhawk in the limited or full membership category. See the membership page for information. 

Step 2: Complete the Redbook class. No class for the fall 2023 is scheduled yet. You MUST have your redbook class in order to participate in shooting practices at Blackhawk. You may participate in ski practice.

Step 3: Pay your United States Biathlon annual membership fee. You will sign up as a competitor. 

Step 4: Join the to receive updates on practices or event changes.

Step 5: Summer regular practice from 530-7 pm on Wednesdays. There are club rifles, but they are typically allocated to youth first. If you are new, other members will typically allow you to try their rifles. During the first practices, existing members will typically also provide you with some of heir ammunition. After a few practices, you should plan on buying your own ammunition and also making plans to borrow or use a loaner rifle. You can discuss this during your first practices.

Step 6: Sign up for your first event!

*If you still have questions, send them to or


To be determined

*Race dates and location are subject to change based on snow and weather conditions. Confirm race details posted by the host biathlon club.


Adult practices have begun. Generally, adult biathlon practices will be held on Wednesday evenings, weather permitting. Adult participants are expected to have their own skis, rifle, and ammunition. We hope to have a few club rifles available for new members. Adults must be “red book” safety certified and a Blackhawk Ski Club member to participate in any adult practice at Blackhawk.

Please contact or for additional information.

USBA Certification

USBA membership is required to participate in practices and races at Blackhawk. To participate in races or adult practices, USBA safety certification is required. Biathlon Safety Clinics are typically offered in December and April. Watch the Blackhawk calendar of events for the next scheduled safety clinic. USBA memberships are from $15 to $75 and are available at:

Blackhawk Youth Biathlon Program

Please visit the Youth Biathlon page for more information.




With the retirement of our long time coach, there are several positions that need to be filled. Consider volunteering to assist or take over one of the positions. Please contact Joe Hamel if you are interested.

  • Youth Head Coach
  • Race Director


With a huge sense of appreciation, we are excited to announce approval for the extension of the biathlon trail to our neighbors property to the southwest of the range. Eventually, we will add 1.5K of rolling terrain to the existing trail. The extension will only be accessible for Blackhawk biathlon members who are also USBA members. You may not use this extension if you are not both BH and USBA members due to insurance requirements.