We are excited for some exciting improvements to the biathlon range! Come down to the bottom of the hill and see our new trails, wider range, biathlon chalet, and a dedicated penalty loop.

The biathlon program at Blackhawk Ski Club has grown from a small group of participants to the leader in expanding biathlon opportunities to youth and adults in Wisconsin and surrounding States. Recent events have included races, shooting and safety clinics, and helping biathlon programs get started in Green Bay, Hayward, and Iola.

The Blackhawk biathlon area is open to club members when participating in practices, introduction to biathlon sessions, or races. The 50-meter biathlon area includes lighting for evening practices and is connected to the man-made snow network of trails. Club members interested in use of the 50-meter shooting area need prior biathlon safety certification or to be involved in an organized club biathlon activity.

The use of the Blackhawk biathlon area and equipment is restricted to biathlon practice and races in the presence of an authorized Blackhawk Ski Club Range Marshal. No free shooting or non-biathlon shooting is allowed at Blackhawk Ski Club.

If you are interested in helping with the biathlon activities, construction, and maintenance of the shooting area and trails, or you want to try biathlon, please send us an email.

2021-2022 Schedule of Events

**BIATHLON SAFETY AND RED BOOK CLASS - 8:30 am on September 26, 2021 @ the Blackhawk Biathlon Chalet**

This certification class is mandatory for any adult or student (middle and high school only) who wants to participate in biathlon open competitions or practices at Blackhawk. You must only take the class once. If you have previously received your "Red Book", you do not need to retake the class. At the end of the course you will also have the opportunity to fire several different rifles on the range under the instruction of our Range Marshalls. 

Adults are $50 and students are $25. For more information and registration at prior to the course and bring payment on the day of the class.  

Date - Location - Event

11 September 2021: Blackhawk Open Range (12-2pm) and Work Day - Bring your rifle, ammo, and work gloves and be prepared to stay after to pitch in on servicing the range for the upcoming season. Open range is only for current Blackhawk members who are Red Book certified. All are welcome to the work day.


Adult biathlon practices are currently held on Tuesday evenings at 530 pm, weather permitting. Adult participants are expected to have their own skis, rifle, and ammunition. Adults must be “red book” safety certified and a Blackhawk Ski Club member to participate in any adult practice at Blackhawk.

USBA Certification

USBA membership is required to participate in practices and races at Blackhawk. To participate in races or adult practices, USBA safety red book certification is also required. Additional safety clinics may be offered during the season but we encourage you to take the first clinic available as you may need to travel to other parts of the state to complete your red book if you miss the annual Blackhawk certification class. Watch the USBA memberships are from $15 to $75 and are available at:

Blackhawk Youth Biathlon Program

Please visit the Youth Biathlon page for more information.