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Member Spotlight: Anna Hoffmann, Jumping 

Blackhawk’s own, Anna Hoffmann, will be representing the US in World Cup ski jumping competitions this winter helping USA Nordic earn spots for the 2022 Olympics.  

With Covid the international schedule has been in flux, but recently Hoffmann was competing in Ramsau, Austria along with three other USA Nordic team members.   

Hoffmann began ski jumping at the age of three along with her three older siblings on Blackhawk’s smallest jumps. Losing patience watching everyone else jump, Hoffmann turned to her mom, stomped her foot and said, “My turn!!!” That was the start of a long journey in ski jumping. 


Along with her siblings, Hoffmann started with weekly practices at Blackhawk on Tuesday and Thursday nights. On weekends she went along with the family to tournaments in Wis, Minn and Illinois (the Central Division). Hoffmann started competing and making lifelong friends she would travel and compete with still today. 

Feeling the amazing sensation of “flying” motivated Hoffmann to continue developing her skills. In junior high she started traveling out of the Central Division and attended training camps and competitions in Steamboat and Park City with the Central Division Development team following in the footsteps of her sister Elyse and brother Joe. Hoffmann continued balancing traveling and competing and attending Madison Memorial High School until she graduated in 2018. 

With determination, especially in times when competitions and skill development didn’t always come easily, Hoffmann got her chance to attend Junior Nationals in 2016 in Salisbury, Conn and that year she won the event for the women. In 2017 she qualified and competed in her first Junior World competitions in Park City, Utah. In 2018 she again won Junior Nationals in Anchorage, Alaska.  

Hoffmann kept up her hard work and earned spots at Junior Worlds in Kandersteg, Switzerland 2018; Lahti, Finland 2019 and Oberweisenthal, Germany in 2020.  

In addition to training six days a week with the national team, Hoffmann is a junior at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. She is focusing her studies on sciences. In 2019 Hoffmann earned the US Olympic Committee’s highest academic scholarship.  

This winter Hoffmann will travel and compete on the World Cup circuit with the possibility of competing in Norway, Germany, Japan, Russia and China.  

Intro to Ski Jumping Classes are Available 

Does your young skier enjoy racing down hill’s 1 and 2 searching out any bump jump they can find?  Is your child looking for a new challenge or something different to do this winter?  You may consider looking into our Introduction to Ski Jumping programs.   

Skiers who can easily ski down Hill #2, usually ages five and older, are welcome to try ski jumping. Blackhawk offers an Introduction to Ski Jumping class on Tuesday evenings at 5:30, Saturday mornings at 10:15 and Sunday at 12:30. Beginning ski jumpers will learn the basics of ski jumping in their alpine equipment. When athletes are confident on the ski jumps coaches will help transition kids to jumping equipment that the program provides.  New jumpers have a chance to participate in Blackhawk’s home tournament on February 14th, 2021. As the young jumpers progress, they can choose to join the Blackhawk Ski Jumping Team.  Helmets, buffs and a sense of adventure are the only requirements.  

More information on the program can be found at   


Questions contact Girly Gessner at jumping@