Please Support Blackhawk's 2019 Mountain Bike Trail Fund

Blackhawk's Skills Park - Helping improve the skiils riders of all abilities.

Summer 2019 Mountain Bike Trail Fund

Blackhawk's mountain bike trail system has seen major changes over the past 5 years (see the History of the program below). This would not have been possible without our mountain bike membership fees ($25/person, $50/family), and generous contributions from our members and others in the Madison community--over $50,000 in the past five years. And without these trails, we could not support our youth mountain bike program.  

In order to continue to build trails for riders of all abilties, we would like to raise $10,000 this summer, to support the development of our Skills Park (see photo), and an additional intermediate trail in the Gully. 

Please consider donationing at the Silver ($100), Gold ($1,000), or Platinum ($5,000) level, and add your name to the list of our donors (as of 2018):  

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Founders ($10,000+)

  • Pat and Kate Remington
  • Jon and Kathy Wolff

Platinum Level ($5,000-$9,999)

  • Chris Fortune
  • Walter and Stacey Meanwell
  • Jonathan and Jean Patz
  • Anonymous

Gold Level ($1,000-$4,999)

  • Jim Coors
  • Randy Cortright
  • Tom and Jeanne Grist
  • Jeff Hoerning and Gail Allen
  • Tom Oliver
  • Monty Schiro

Silver Level ($100-$999)

  • Brian and Beth Donley
  • Jay Gunderson
  • John Kramer
  • Michael Matty
  • Dirk Racine
  • Arthur Saffran
  • Dave Sheehan
  • Kevin Tita

Bronze Level (<$100)

  • 10 individuals donated at the Bronze level in 2017

Note: To update/correct this list, please contact

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