Covid-19 Precautions


Dear members,

Currently, the State of Wisconsin has a "stay at home" order (see below). This order permits the use of outdoor spaces, such as Blackhawk, as long as individuals maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet.

During peak hours of some days, the parking lot at the East Chalet is over-flowing, making it difficult to comply with this order. Rather than closing our facility, we are implementing the following rules:

Dispersed parking rules:
1. No more than 15 cars may park in the East Parking lot
2. If there are 15 cars in the East Parking lot, members should:
a. Ride their bike to/from the Club or an area adjacent to Blackhawk
b. Park in other areas of the club property, such as:
-West Chalet
-At the East gate
-Along the gravel road inside the East gate,
-In the lower parking lot

Dispersed riding/gathering rules
1. When riding please keep a safe distance from all other riders
2. Before or after riding, please keep a safe distance from all other individuals
3. Consider wearing a mask to protect others from potential infection

As you know, several Wisconsin State Parks have closed, because of poor compliance with the Stay and Home order. We prefer to remain open so that people can continue to exercise and enjoy our trails. We will monitor compliance with these new rules, and hope that everyone complies. If not, we will be forced to close the property until the risk from COVID-19 is lower.

Blackhawk Board of Directors

Wisconsin Stay at Home Order: All individuals present within the State of Wisconsin are ordered to stay at home or at their place of residence, with exceptions outlined below. To the extent individuals are using shared or outdoor spaces other than their home or residence, they must at all times as reasonably possible maintain social distancing of at least six (6) feet from any other person consistent with Social Distancing Requirements as defined below, except that they do not need to maintain social distancing between family members in a single living unit or household members.

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