Covid-19 Precautions

IMPORTANT COVID-19 Update (as of December 15, 2020)

Dear members,

We are following the current Dane County COVID-19 guidelines, available at:

This order, permits participation in Club activities, as stated: "Games and competitions are allowed for low risk sports with physical distancing maintained at all times. Low-risk sports are sports that can be done individually, or with physical distancing, or no to minimal sharing of equipment or the ability to clean the equipment between use."

Please note that to keep social distancing possible, we have an on-line sign up this winter.  Sign ups are sent out on Thursday for the following week.  The current link is always available on the website as well.  

These guidelines are describe here: and bascially state:

  1. Stay home if sick.
  2. Keep physically distant (at least 6 feet)
  3. Wear a mask (e.g., indoors and if one cannot maintain 6-feet distance)
  4. Avoid gatherings.  Indoor gatherings are restricted to groups of 10 or less and outdoors are restricted to groups of 25 or less.*
  5. Wash hands frequently

*Outdoor recreational facilities such as Blackhawk's open skiing are not considered gatherings.  Youth programs and lessons, however, are and as such are divided into groups of 25 or less.

Based on these guidelines, the Blackhawk Board of Directors recommends the following additional guidance: 

A. All activities will be held outdoors.

     1. The East and West Chalets will remain closed. They are available for snowmaking, ski patrol use, and emergencies only. Portable toilets are available near the West Chalet, East Chalet, and Biathalon Haus.
     2. Members will need to change into their gear in their vehicles or on outdoor benches. Gear cannot be stored inside the chalet. See specific program pages for more information.

B. Members will practice physical distancing (i.e., > 6 feet)

     1. Instructors and coaches will help kids practice social distancing.
     2. Ski patrol advises people not to gather in groups.

C. Masks are recommended at all times, but mandatory if 

     1. Members are not able to maintain physical distance such as in parking lots and rope tow lines.
     2. Members need to use the chalet for emergency purposes.
     3. Members are participating in youth programs.

D. Members must not come to Blackhawk if they have any symptoms, or are quarantined or in isolation. 

We prefer to remain open so that people can continue to exercise and enjoy our bike trails and ski trails, slopes, and jumps. We will monitor compliance with these new rules, and hope that everyone complies. If not, we will be forced to close the property until the risk from COVID-19 is lower.

Blackhawk Board of Directors

Mountain Biking