Outdoor Exploration Archive

Fall 2022 Outdoor Exploration Days

In Fall 2022, kids explored large-scale nature art, Leave No Trace principles and fun, and Building for Winter.

Spring 2022 Outdoor Exploration Days

HUGE thanks to board member Jill Stevenson and intern Lily Hubanks for putting this program together! 40 kids, grades 1-8, enjoyed exploring Blackhawk’s land in active, age-appropriate ways, with an emphasis on stewardship. Kids learned about creating shelters by exploring the needs of animals who live at Blackhawk and using natural materials to build shelters. They explored the role of fire and practiced outdoor cooking skills. They studied native plants, learned to identify native and non-native plants, created plant superhero capes, and planted hundreds of native seedlings. They also learned about fish and went fishing. 

Blackhawk’s Outdoor Explorers learned to make campfires, build rocket stoves and cook outdoors in May. They enjoyed making pesto with foraged stinging nettle, roasting sweet potatoes and munching on breadsticks cooked over the fire