Orienteering Challenge! (Fall 2023 Outdoor Exploration)

Welcome to the Orienteering Challenge!

It's almost snow time at Blackhawk! Get in one last hike adventure with an awesome Orienteering Challenge (and earn a pin!) This hike is about 1.5 miles, and the challenge will take 1-2 hours, depending on your skill level and speed.

Use a compass, geo-coordinates, or a map to find ten clues around Blackhawk Ski Club. Each clue is on a small round cut of wood tied with orange rope with a letter on the back. Once you have all the letters recorded, order your pin below!

1. Choose your Challenge! 

  • EASY: For the map challenge, you'll only need a print out of the map and instructions.
  • MEDIUM: For the geo-coordinates challenge, you'll need a phone with a map app or another gps equipped device. 
  • HARD: For the compass challenge, you'll need a compass (We recommend this one) or an app on your phone. We've included a "Compass How-To" page along with the orienteering instructions, in case this is your first time or you need a refresher!

2. Choose a day and time to go!

You can do this challenge anytime that works for you, but if you'd prefer to orienteer with friends, join us on:

  • Friday, Nov 17 from 1-3pm - Great for homeschoolers and half-day kiddos! We'll have supplies and printouts available. 
  • Wednesday, Nov 22 from 10am-2pm - Drop in anytime from 10-2 for a pre-Thanksgiving adventure! We'll be there with supplies and printouts at the West Chalet, and can give some quick tips if needed.
  • Register for these dates here. 

3. Take on the Orienteering Challenge and earn a pin! Order form is below.