Volunteers of the Year


Here are the 2019/20 season Blackhawk volunteer of the year recipients. Please give thanks to these special people and ALL of our volunteers. Volunteering and your contributions are how it all happens. Our mission is to educate kids. The 2019/20 season was our second year with 600+ kids in programs. In that context these winners and ALL of our volunteers are life changers. Thank you all!

  • BART: Russ Tieman
  • Ski Jumping: Scott Ulrey
  • Ski Patrol: Patrol asked rather than selecting one volunteer, donate the award to Second Harvest food bank on behalf of all ski patrol. In turn, the entire patrol donated a total of $750 to the food bank.
  • Nordic Kids: Kris & Leslie Dressler
  • Nordic Ski team: Carol Barford
  • Bike trails: Jeff Hoerning
  • Kids MTB lessons: Patrica Kapinos
  • Blackhawk Composite NICA Team: Mark and Jessica Thom
  • Ski and Board School: Rich Manteufel
  • Telemark Skiing: Valerie Stromquist
  • Biathlon: Greg Pattison
  • Snowmaking: Joe House
Volunteers of the Year from 2019 were:
  • BART: Steve Cohen   
  • Biathlon: Mike Conway
  • Mountain Bike Lessons: Dirk Horne
  • Mountain Bike Team: John Cramer
  • Nordic Kids: Erin Costanzo
  • Nordic Ski Team: Joe House
  • Ski Jumping: Mike Huston
  • Ski Patrol: Karl Knauf
  • Ski School: Don Wylie
  • Telemark Skiing: Spencer Schumacher