Rope Tow Safety Tips from Ski Patrol

Here are a few tips for riding the Blackhawk rope tows safely. Parents, please read this list carefully and explain it to your children.

1. Most importantly, do not wear loose clothing when using a rope tow. Especially scarves, belts or harnesses and gloves, mittens and sweatshirts with cords hanging from them. These items may wrap themselves around the rope causing injury.

2. Start at the designated area for each lift.

3. Point your skis parallel to the rope.

4. Grab the rope slowly at first to build momentum. Grabbing the rope firmly may pull you off balance.

5. Allow space between you and the person above you to prevent overloading of the rope tow and to prevent a domino effect should someone fall in front of you.

6. Ride the rope in a straight line. Do not ski side to side in the tow path, this may cause the person above or below you to fall.

7. If some falls ahead of you, let go of the rope or don’t start up from the bottom until the downed skier is out of the way.

8. If the rope tow is turned off to assist a fallen skier, please exit the rope and start again from the bottom. Ski patrol will not restart the rope with skiers in the tow path.

9. Exit the lift by dropping the rope straight down. Again do not swing out with the rope as it may cause the person below you to fall.

10. Be courteous in the lift line.

Have fun out there and be safe!