Please Join Us as a Volunteer this Winter

Volunteer at Blackhawk

We need every member to volunteer at Blackhawk, so please let us know how you'd like to help by reviewing the volunteer options below. Contact to let us know how you're interested in helping out at Blackhawk! Thanks!

Ski Patrol: We need a couple of enthusiastic people to fill out our 2022-23 toboggan training class, which starts in December. 

Construction: We need some volunteers with carpentry/construction experience to help build a shed kit in the near term, with additional projects to come. 

Chalet checkers: Sign up for a day of the week to check on the chalets. Tidy up when needed, empty trash and recycling as needed, place items in lost and found, alert Board to out of stock items.  

Fire Pit checker: Sign up for a day of the week to check the fire pit at West chalet. Start fire for open ski, monitor wood pile, tidy up as needed, move fire pit out of way for snowplow at end of the day (if snow is likely). 

Tow Rope Monitor Coordinator: Using a sign-up application, set up times for rope tow monitoring on Hills 1&2. 

Mowing/Trimming Coordinator: Work with Facilities & Operations committee and volunteers to mow trails, outruns and trim building, tow lines, etc. Coordinate pre-winter mowing of all Alpine and Nordic trails.   

Snowmaking Volunteer Coordinator: Set up times/days for take-down of snowmaking equipment. Works closely with Lead Snowmaker. 

Snowmaking Volunteers: Set up snowmaking equipment at night (usually 8pm-10pm) or take it down in the morning.

Events: Work with Board to coordinate special events for members. 

Membership Check Coordinator: Work with Board to arrange times/dates and volunteers to check for memberships at open ski times and on Nordic trails. 

Capital Campaign Committee: Join the committee to improve snowmaking, safety, and so much more at Blackhawk. 

Winter Ambassadors: You’ve seen our new mountain bike ambassadors on the Blackhawk trails in their yellow shirts, and now we're recruiting for ski ambassadors!  This is an opportunity to share your knowledge of the club with new people and get to ski at the same time. We are looking for both Alpine and Nordic skiers to be at the club during open ski hours.   

Snowplowing Coordinator: Operate the Kubota and plow in areas not reached by the snow removal service and for light snow in between service and monitoring shoveling of steps/walkways. Arrange for volunteers to cover days/weekends through the winter.