Membership FAQs

General Membership FAQs*

Q: I want to join Blackhawk as a new member, what do I need to do? 

A: First, create an account. You can create an account at any time prior to purchasing your membership. We recommend that you create your account days in advance of the opening of New Membership availability in September. On the Blackhawk website, go to Membership and then My Account. This will take you to a new website, which is the Blackhawk registration platform. On the left-hand side of the page, you will see Account and below that Create Account. Click on Create Account and follow the instructions on how to create a new account. You must completely fill in all fields, especially the names of your dependents.  If you do not fill in dependent names, you will not be able to register them for lessons or competitive teams.  


Q: When can I join? 

A: Our “12-month” memberships (i.e., full use including alpine skiing, or limited use including xc skiing/biking) start in September and run until the following September.  Please look at our website and Facebook page for updates on the date new annual membership will be available. If you purchase a membership after September, it will still expire in the following September.  Our “summer mountain bike/hiking memberships are sold from April 1 to November 30 each year.  Our “winter fat biking/snowshoe” memberships are available from November to March. 


Q: Can I buy a one-day lift ticket or pass? 

A: No, to use the facilities at Blackhawk you must purchase a membership. We are a 501c3 non-profit educational organization with a mission to promote outdoor recreational activities and competitive sports for children and families. As a private organization, we depend upon our memberships and donations to support our educational programs and trail development. Our summer memberships are available for the low cost of $25/person and $50/family (April 1-Nov 30). If you are not sure that you want to join, come out to the East Trailhead to check out the trails and talk with members who are riding. If you like what you see (and most people do!), you can join on your smartphone at: 


Q: Are there membership limits at Blackhawk? 

A: There are no membership limits at this time.  In the past, Blackhawk has had membership limits for the annual full-family (I.e., alpine skiing) memberships. There is a possibility that limits could return in the future for this membership category.  


Q: Should I have a Blackhawk membership card or is there an ID number I should have available? 

A: We do not currently provide a summer membership card. Instead, we ask that members keep a record of their username and the email used when signing up.  


Seasonal/Trail Use FAQs*

Q: Where can I find a map?

A: Mountain bike trail maps are available at our kiosks at the East and West Trailhead, and here on our website. Cross country ski maps are available here on our website. A map of the property and hours of operation can be found here on our website.


Q: Are guided or unguided tours of the property are available? 

A: Although there are no formal tours available, most members are happy to show you around. You may come to one of the trailheads and ask a member for information, or leave us a message on our Facebook page, and one of our members can meet you there to show you around. We also have kiosks there, with more information. A map of the property can be found here on our website.


Q; Should I have a Blackhawk membership card or is there an ID number I should have available?

A: We do not currently provide membership card. Instead, we ask that members keep a record of their username and the email used when signing up. 


Q: When do the gates open and close?  Is there any chance that I could get locked in? If so, who do I contact and how? 

A: For security purposes and to prevent vandalism, the gates are open during the daylight hours. The person who locks the gate will check to make sure that no cars are on the property. 


Q: Which trails are open for walking/running? 

A: Hiking on our mountain bike trails can be dangerous for hikers and bikers alike. Therefore, we recommend that walkers and runners use the wide cross-country ski trails, roads, and biking trails that are designated for multi-use.


Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Dogs are allowed but should be on leash when anyone is present and either biking or skiing.


Q: Where do I park?

A: If you are coming to mountain bike, you may park at the East Trailhead. Due to COVID-19, if there are already 10 or more cars in that lot, please park elsewhere. We will be creating a West Trailhead this summer, after the trails in the Gully are built. 


Q: Is there a lost and found? 

A: Yes, you can check in the East and West Chalet (West Chalet is locked during COVID-19). If you don’t find the lost item, you can send us a message on Facebook or email us at to see if another member happened to find it. 


Q: Can have a party or gathering with non-members? 

A: Unfortunately, no. In order to use the facilities of the club, everyone who is present must be a member of the club. See questions about becoming a member for more information about how to join. 


Program FAQs*

Q: Are lessons an extra cost on top of my membership? 

A: Yes. All lessons and competitive teams have an additional cost. 


Q: Do I have to be a member for my kids to take lessons? 

A: Yes. Alpine lessons require a Full Access Membership and Nordic lessons require a Limited Access Membership. 


Q: How old do my kids need to be to take lessons? 

A: Children must be at least 5 years old to participate in group Alpine Lessons. Private lessons can accomodate younger children. Parent-tot lessons are available for cross country skiing for children under 5. Children must be 6 years old to take a mountain bike lesson.     


Q: Can I rent equipment? 

A: Blackhawk does not provide equipment, with the following exceptions: Cross country ski rentals are available for Nordic Kids lessons, youth biathlon lessons, and middle school and high school cross country race teams. Specialized ski jumping skis are available for ski jumping team members. Biathlon rifles are available for biathlon team members. 


*Please post any questions that you have about Blackhawk on our Facebook page, and we will continue to update this list.