Keeping Blackhawk Safe

In all of our focus on health safety, we want to remind members that we rely on a strong sense of honor when it comes to who is able to be on the property.  Membership is required as is using the property for its purpose: outdoor recreation.  Unfortunately, last night around 10pm Jeremy (our trail builder who is helping with our jump tows) was doing computer work when he noticed 3 individuals with flashlights walking down the driveway.  He followed them and found them near the machine shed, then chased them off.  They ran through the woods, then over to Pope Farm where a dark colored Ford F150 with wide tires was parked.  They peeled out of the lot leaving tread marks behind.  Please be on the lookout for this vehicle and if you see it near the club, please let us know by contacting us at or call the Dane County Sheriff at 608-256-4948.