Donate to Fund Blackhawk's High Capacity Well!

We need YOU! If you haven’t already donated to the Prime the Pump campaign, now is the time. Efficient snowmaking impacts all of our winter programs directly, and all of our programs and memberships indirectly – running a more efficient snowmaking operation allows more funds for other things at the club.  

So if you haven’t given yet, please consider a summer donation. Donate here. Electric setup for the pump far exceeded our estimates, and we welcome any amount towards getting the pump up and running for the 2022-2023 season! Questions or interested in volunteering? Please let us know:  

We have completed the permitting and drilling phases of our high capacity well and continue to fundraise to pay for the remaining costs associated with those two phases, as well as for the pump, piping, and electrical to complete the project and bring the well online. This infrastructure allows us to make as much snow as possible during our increasingly rare windows of ideal temperatures and humidity, without waiting to refill the pond, which will also decrease our impact on the ecology of the pond.   

Thank you again to our volunteer snowmakers and nightly groomers, led by our Facilities Chair, Joe House, for providing us with a fantastic winter season.  Casey Bingham's experience in snowmaking and grooming was a key part of our fantastic conditions. And every machine-dependent operation relies on the knowledge and hard work of a skilled mechanic, and that person at our club is Craig Kleinstieber.

We are at a crucial moment in our club’s nearly 75-year history to choose to support snow sports at Blackhawk for generations to come. We are asking all of our members and those who have benefited from our Club at different times in their lives to consider joining the Board in giving financial support to pay for the well. Please consider donating today! 

The Blackhawk Board of Directors