Blackhawk's "Superwoman" Flying High this Weekend

Hoffmann hoping to make Harris Hill podium


BRATTLEBORO — "Superwoman" is coming back.

Her nickname having to do with her ability to fly and also the word she uses in almost every sentence, University of Utah freshman Anna Hoffmann has signed on the dotted line to compete at Harris Hill on Feb. 16-17.

"It's a super fun hill. I love the energy there. It's a great time," said the Wisconsin native. "Ideally, I'd like to make a podium appearance this time."

Hoffmann wound up fourth behind Logan Sankey, Annika Belshaw and Samantha Macuga in the Women's US Cup event a year ago in Brattleboro. She would place fifth in the Women's Open the very next day.

"It feels like you are going super fast," the 18-year-old responded, when asked how she would describe a ski jump to a fan. "You are in a tuck position and it's like going down a roller coaster hill, then you are out in the air and you feel like you are flying. It's super cool."

The undeclared major, who is considering studying Biology, said she doesn't get nervous before each attempt.

"When I get to the top, I start preparing. That's when I get quiet. I take a deep breath. It's all about excitement and focus at that point. I'm just up there to do it well," the confident Hoffman noted.She wanted to compete at age 2, when she was watching her older brother participate in a Learn to Jump program. Her personal record is a distance of 123 meters, when she took part in the Olympic Trials in 2017.

"There were so many fans there," she recalled. "It was a super good time."

Hoffmann practices on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, taking six jumps every session. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she lifts weights, does her plyometrics, and also works on stretching and balance.

That explains why Wisconsin's "Superwoman" can fly.

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