Blackhawk Receives Grant Funding for Safety & Rope Tow Enhancements

Blackhawk has received grants from both the Kelly Brush Foundation and the Chapman Foundation to improve safety & rope tows at the club.


Leonard’s Way Safety Enhancements 

We are happy to announce that the Grants Committee of the Kelly Brush Foundation has awarded Blackhawk Ski Club a Ski Racing Safety Grant that will augment funding we had set aside to purchase new safety equipment. Thanks to the grant, we were able to purchase 11 rolls of B netting and poles to improve safety on Leonard’s Way for our ski racers who train there; our ski lesson groups and individuals who use Leonard’s Way; and for Blackhawk members who ski Leonard’s Way during open ski times. The Kelly Brush Foundation is committed to safety and supports the efforts of organizations like Blackhawk that implement additional safety measures. Learn more at  

Rope Tow Improvements 

Blackhawk has also received a grant from the Chapman Foundation to rebuild the tow rope bases and towers on all runs, beginning with Hills 0 and Leonard’s Way this year and Hills 1 and 2 next year. The extensive—and expensive—process involves volunteers drying and digging out the two bases, and then hiring a team to pour concrete and install new steel towers. Many thanks to the Chapman Foundation for its support of Blackhawk and to Blackhawk member David Hilton, who is a family member of the foundation.