2023-2024 Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities: Blackhawk Ski Club


Assistant Snowmaker:

Middleton, Wisconsin  

Blackhawk Ski Club (Middleton, Wisconsin) is hiring for assistant snowmaker(s).  Blackhawk Ski Club is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) multi-disciplinary private club with youth educational programs and competitive teams in alpine skiing, nordic skiing, ski jumping, biathlon, and mountain biking. The Club relies on volunteers, contracted coaches and a mechanic, and a full-time facilities manager to run the various programs and maintain facilities and equipment. The Club sponsors special events, classes, competitions, and various other related functions on the property. The Club property consists of approximately 62 acres at the headwaters of Black Earth Creek and connects to trails on adjacent properties including Pleasant View trails and Pope Farm Conservancy. For more information on the club and its facilities, please visit our web site at www.blackhawkskiclub.org


Assistant Snowmaker (multiple positions) 

  1. Assist in production of quality snow through the use of air, water, and fan equipment including: 

  1. Provide set up and relocation of fans, guns, and hoses to various areas around the mountain 

  1. Adjusting, turning or moving of snow guns and fans to maintain snowmaking efficiency 

  1. Adjusting the water and or air flow to snow guns 

  1. Changing filters on water lines to maintain efficiency 

  1. Work safely in close proximity to heavy equipment, high voltage, and high water pressures 

  1. Drive snowmobiles, trucks and UTVs as necessary 

  1. Work when optimal temperatures provide for the best snowmaking (days, evening, possible overnights, weekends and holidays). 

  1. Able to perform duties with limited supervision to provide relief for Lead Snowmaker 


If interested, contact board@blackhawkskiclub.org. Please respond by emailing a cover letter and a description of experience in these or related areas.