Open Skiing Sign Up - Saturday (12/26) - Friday (1/1)

Sign up for Open Skiing

Dec 26-Jan 1 begins Thursday December 24 at 10am: Please take a look at the tow base monitor description and sign up for the hill you spend the most time on. Sign up guidelines below. 

Volunteer Tow Base Monitor

This season has many challenges and one of them is keeping skiers safely distanced while waiting in line for the tow rope. We need one volunteer at the base of hills 1 and 2 to remind people to wait near the signs.  When the line gets long (beyond the signs) we need to help them figure out that distance.  Please consider signing up for a tow monitor shift when your family is out skiing.  

While keeping the line distanced, the monitor can position themselves with a clear view of the towpath to assist ski patrol in the event that a skier falls in the towpath and cannot easily and safely get out of the way of other skiers behind them.  The tow needs to be stopped (either by ski patrol or the monitor or another adult who sees the need first). The monitor will restart the rope at the ski patrols direction when the tow path has been safely cleared. 

When you arrive for your shift, please check in with ski patrol.  They will give you a yellow vest and any information for the day before making your way down the hill.  If at any time you have questions, please ask ski patrol. They are here to help!  The addition of these volunteers will greatly increase our efficiency at keeping the tows going and our efforts to keep people safe while having fun despite living in the midst of a pandemic. 

Sign Up Guidelines

Sign up for Open Skiing Dec 26-Jan 1 begins Thur. Dec 24 at 10am 

We know everyone is excited to get on the snow, please follow these guidelines when signing up for spots. 

  • There is no limit on the number of days members can sign up for, however there is a maximum of 2 hours per day. Please sign up for the hill you spend the most time on. If a time slot is full, consider coming later in the day.

  • Register youth members only. Parents, Individual and Add-a-Grandparents may accompany youth or ski on their own without a separate sign up. 

  • No guests or day passes are available, we are a member only hill. 

  • Trail conditions are up-to-date. Open skiing and snowboarding hours are listed on the website

As a reminder, the Chalets will remain closed. Please change into your gear in your vehicle and plan to store all personal items there.  

Please stay home if you are sick or quarantined or in isolation. Stay physically distant from anyone outside your immediate family (including in the tow line). Wear a mask where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Avoid gatherings when possible. You can take the self health assessment and review the club's Covid-19 Precautions here

See you on the snow! 

Blackhawk Board of Directors