Blackhawk Ski & Snowboard School - Week 2 Update

Even though the weather has been warm and there is not a lot of natural snow, we are planning to have lessons on snow tomorrow morning (Saturday, December 12). Here are some things to know:

1. Lesson times are the same as last week. Please plan to come to the same modified lesson time as last week. When you arrive, pick up your student’s name sticker and put it on the front center of your student’s helmet. If you did not get a buff last week, please make sure to get one. We will have the same drive through at the West Chalet for First/Second Flight, Pre-Flight and XPloration can pick up name tags and buffs at the bottom of the hill. As a reminder, masks or buffs are required during lessons.

2. Please plan to have your child in ski gear (ski boots, skis, and helmet). We plan to be on the snow. If weather does not cooperate and we cannot get on the snow, we will have students wear snow boots.

3. First/Second Flight will meet at the top of Hill 0/1. Pre-Flight and XPloration will meet at the bottom of the hill (Pre-Flight will be on a portion of the penalty loop and XPloration by the Biathalon Haus). Pre-Flight & Xploration, check your email for a detailed map.

To get to the bottom of the hill, you will want to come in the East entrance and take the fork in the road to the left to go to the bottom of the hill. Please note, we are (hopefully) going to get natural snow, if you do not have a vehicle with four/all wheel drive, you will not want to go to the bottom, you will get stuck. If you don’t have four/all wheel drive, plan to arrive a little early and walk down. You may park on the right side of the road just beyond the fork or walk down from the West Chalet parking area. If you walk down, the best option is to wear snow boots and put ski boots on once you are at the bottom. We realize that it’s a hike but are doing our best to get everyone on the limited snow we have.

4. This is the last week of lessons before holiday break. We will be on break from Friday, December 18th through Friday, January 1st. Lessons start again on Saturday, January 2nd.

Let it snow!