Private Alpine Ski, Snowboard, and Nordic Ski Lessons

Private Alpine Ski / Snowboard Lessons

Private alpine skiing and snowboarding lessons are available to any Blackhawk member with a Full Access membership. 

We can provide private alpine ski and snowboard lessons to skiers of all ability levels, from the very beginner to the most advanced skier or snowboarder.  All of our instructors are experienced and have proven themselves in our group lesson program. We pair instructors with students based on the instructor's experience and specific strengths, as well as the student's specific needs. 

We are able to accommodate students of all ages, as well, from very young children, all the way up to senior skiers. While our group lessons are focused on kids, we have many private lesson instructors who are excellent teachers of adult students. 

Scheduling Lessons

Private lessons can be scheduled any time the hill is open and the Ski and Snowboard School doesn't have a group lesson scheduled. We schedule most lessons for Saturday and Sunday afternoons (after group lessons end). Some students opt for recurring lessons, but in most cases, we schedule lessons week-to-week (usually about a week in advance). This allows us to align with weather and hill conditions, and accommodate instructor availability.

Lesson Costs

The cost for a lesson is $40.00 per hour for the first participant and $20.00 per hour for each additional participant, so you can request a completely private one-on-one lesson or put together your own group.   

For more information or to schedule private lessons, contact our private lessons director, Guy Perez, at



Private Nordic Ski Lessons (Classic and Skate)

Private Nordic ski lessons, classic and skate skiing are available to any Blackhawk member with a Limited Access membership. 

We can provide Nordic ski lessons to skiers of all ability level, for students of all ages, from very young children to senior Nordic skiers. 

For more information, contact our Nordic lessons team at